Public Invitation


2 responses to “Public Invitation

  1. Oops. We showed up at the “Senate Building” on October 18 but no one was there! Misprint on this flyer?

    • Heidi – yes, so very sorry… there was a misprint on the original flyer re: the October 18th meeting. It was actually October 17th and we didn’t catch it before the flyer distribution. We sent out an additional 2,000 flyers with the corrected date, but it looks like we missed some of the households that received the original information.
      If you are able, the RDA is conducting its first Community Workshop this Thursday, Nov. 1, from 6-8 pm at the West High School Library. This workshop is for the Marmalade Block as a whole, but will include some discussions specific to the Library. Also, if you would like, we can keep you posted via email on future developments. Or, simply check back to the website from time to time, or even follow Marmalade Library on Facebook.
      Thanks again and sorry for the date mishap.
      Regards –
      Kevin Blalock, AIA
      Principal, Blalock & Partners

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