The Site

The new library will be located on the corner of 300 West and 500 N.  This is a great location, with many benefits!

  • Visibility as a Community Anchor
  • City / District Icon
  • Appeal beyond Marmalade, such as the nearby Guadalupe neighborhood
  • More outdoor space opportunities
  • Accessible parking is direct
  • Catalyst for Development
  • Transition from Residential Development
  • Potential for Roof Terraces



3 responses to “The Site

  1. Dear Folks,
    I unfortunately I was not able to attend the two meetings that were held for the Marmalade Library Project, but I am very interested in the future of this library.
    My name is Claire Nelson and I live on 6th North. I have been a urban gardener and local farmers market vendor for 13 years, this has been my home in the historic district for 16 years and I have mixed feelings about this project.
    I am very excited to have this space used for education purposes and a community anchor! I am a grassroots founder of volunteer donated garden spaces and the backyard chicken movement and I feel that this area should reflect the history of this area.
    I believe the grounds of this space should have the flora and local trees of this historic area. Fruit trees and cultivation of them, along with volunteer efforts would make the most wonderful space for this community and give back to the neighborhood that is know for it bounty.
    Please think seriously about this idea and your thoughts of the future for this most beautiful mixed community library.
    Thank you,
    Claire Nelson

  2. Claire – thank you SO MUCH for providing us with some thoughtful comments and insights! We will be sure to discuss this with the Steering Committee, as well as offer up to the public for additional discussion. If you are able, we would welcome your participation in the first RDA-hosted Community Workshop on Thursday, November 1, from 6-8 pm, at the West High School Library. This Workshop is actually for the overall Marmalade Block development, which will include a brief overview of the Library project as well.
    Thanks again!

  3. I agree with Claire as a neighbor on Pugsley north for almost a decade where I as a TBI survivor house and take care of mature brain injury men there. …My greatest concern is the waterfowl that were born in the neglected and forgotten marsh area created by underground water seeping into the old dugout foundations of the forgotton original condos on that corner…I finally had to call the city and complain about the water attracting so many children to the baby Canadian Geese there that I was afraid the youngsters would walk into the marsh and drown….After the geese were grown and flew away the area was bulldozed by the city and neighborhood safety was resumed….except for the waterfoul retournees that now are bonded to that area since they were born in that marsh….The Bread Lady and our TBI men and I have included that forgotten waterfowl family in our daily feedings now and it would be great that since those beautiful birds originally drew the children to the corner, there could be some type of small space included for their home in the suggested water feature, whatever that may be…..They willl continue to return nontheless, yearly, and will look for space to rear their new young also. This would be a great draw for children to the Marmalade library corner…viewing the natural waterfowl and reading! Don’t you think? Let me and my TBI men and The Bread Lady know how we can help with this bird thing…

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