Marmalade Library Community Workshop

Join the Marmalade Library Development Team for a community workshop on November 13 at Washington Elementary, 6:00-8:00 pm. This is a great opportunity to help shape the future of your community!

7 responses to “Marmalade Library Community Workshop

  1. This is washington elementary, we were wondering if you could send us some flyers for this event so we could post them on our message board.
    Thank you

  2. Barbara Joan Gale

    I Missed the November 13th meeting; when will there be another? I used to live in the Marmalade area and having a library branch there is extremely essential. I hope it is realized as soon as possible.

    • Hello, Barbara, and thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, there will be additional community workshops and we’ll be sure to add you to the distribution list. At this point, we don’t have exact dates, but we’re anticipating late January 2013. And, sometime in February the RDA will be holding another community workshop re: development of the entire block. Stay tuned!

  3. Hi, is this available to anyone in the Marmalade area? Is it open to the public to help? I am thinking of joining with my daughter to get her started in community work. Thank you.

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